Hosni Mubarak


Tunisians events gave beginning of revolutions in other Arab countries. On 25 January 2011, the national Police Day, tens of thousands of Egyptians started to call for an end of poverty, corruption and police brutality. Firstly only street demonstrations very fast turned into revolutionary movement and demand the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled the country since 1981. With time, Egyptians occupated whole Tahrir Square in Cairo. Police answered with violence and repressions. Even though punishments were really painfull, Egyptians did not give up and they fought with everything they had in their hands. Sometimes only with stones but they did not give up. The Internet and mobile service were shut down. Protesters did not gave up. Even army decided to not fight against citizens. On January 31, Mubarak created a new cabinet, and he announced that he will not run again for election nor his son. He hoped that this will calm down all the protesters which did not work and people demanded his overthrow. Finally, on February 11, he resigned. Control over Egypt took the Supreme Council of Armed Forces and suspended the constitution. It took 18 days and more than 800 people were killed to achieve this goal.