To understand what is going on now in Syria, Iraq and neighborhood, we need to get back in time and focus on Arab Spring 2010.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Ghannouchi Mohamed

It was just a normal day when Mohamed Bouazizi, 26 years old, went to the Tunisian market. He was the only one person in his family who was able to earn money for the food. His father died and he stayed alone with his mother and 6 sibilings and he had to take care of them for 150$ per month.. Even though he didn’t have a permit to sell anything at the market, he tried to earn some money by selling vegetables and fruits. After a while the police came to the market and asked Mohamed to pack his things and leave the place. He refused. Then the policewoman slapped him and humilated in front of everyone. Even more, policy took his all goods and beat him really hard. Mohamed went to the governor’s office to get his goods back but the governor didn’t want to see him. Then Mohamed decided to set himself on fire just in front of the building. Tunisians get angry and, tired of police terror, they wanted to support for Bouazizi with protests that broke our in every city. In January 2011, Mohamed died. The Tunisian anger and resentment intensified. During the fights on the streets thousands died or were arrested. Nine days later, the President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali,who has ruled the country  since 1987, dismissed Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi because of social revolt, and he fled the country just the same day. He tried to go to France that didn’t allow his plane to land. He finally escaped to Saudi Arabia. Ghannouchi came back to the government and he performed the President duties.

mohamed bouazizi
Mohamed Bouazizi
Mohamed in hospital