Newroz in Poland Warsaw 2015

It is the highest time to give a review for my first

Newroz celebration

Only one word.


It was actually the best time of my life.

aniaI had no idea there will be so many Kurds taking part in Polish – Kurdish Newroz. I hoped for maximum 80 people but actually we were over 300 persons.

Just with the beginning of celebration I saw the difference between Polish and Kurdish culture.n (1)

In Poland, if we have some event and it starts at 17 o’clock so all of the guests are required to come at 17 o’clock. Of course many are late, and the rest wait for them at the table and nobody is allowed to start to eat before all of the guests are all together at the table. This is not really a good idea because many come hungry to the party and are starving when waiting for latecomers.

20150328_181524~2_resized_3Kurdish way is a bit different and much better. The party never starts at exact hour. In our case, the beginning of the event was between 17 and 19 o’clock. During this time the guests were required to arrive. Nobody had to wait for others. Just when we crossed the doors of Palace we were allowed to eat and drink as much as we could. We didn’t have to wait for everybody to come, just as Poles do.

These 2 hours was the best idea for everybody to gather and no one stayed hungry.

Take the lesson Dear Poles 🙂

At 19 o’clock the great opening took place. That was time for some speeches of different persons, both Kurdish and Polish.

WP_20150328_116After that everyone went out to celebrate the Newroz Fire.

Then the dance began ! Best part of the celebration.


Oh yes I have learnt how to dance and it was amazing experience 🙂 Really didn’t want to stop 🙂

After that the great concert started of an incredible artist Mr Suleyman Carnewa. The real Star. I loved his strong and loud voice. His songs were great both to sing and dance. I wished that the night would never finish but unfortunately everything comes to an end.

I cant wait next NEWROZ maybe in Kurdistan 🙂


6 thoughts on “Newroz in Poland Warsaw 2015

  1. Hello, It is such a refreshing to see that Kurds are also cared in Poland. Just to let you know that Leyla Bederkhan who became a world famous bale dancer was a half Polish whose mother Dr. Henriette meet her father in Istanbul.

    I am very much interested in your interpretation of Syrian flirt with Kurds hosting Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in Syria. Are there any scholarly articles in this regard from a polish perspective analyzing Kurdish partition and their strugle for justice and liberation. My sincere regards. Donald

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