Southern Kurdistan Başûr Iraq

KDP The Kurdistan Democratic Party

This party started in 1946. Firstly it was a freedom movement. Mustafa Barzani was the leader of KDP till 1979 (his death) and after him his son Masoud Barzani became the

Iraq 1970 Nawpurdan: 8th congress of KDP, second left to right, Nouri Shawess, Mustafa Barzani, Kamuran Bedir Khan and his wife Natacha Irak 1970 Nawpurdan: Celebration du 8eme congres du PDK , 2eme a gauche, Nouri Shawess, Mustafa Barzani, Kamuran Bedir Khan et sa femme Natacha
Iraq 1970 Nawpurdan: 8th congress of KDP, second left to right, Nouri Shawess, Mustafa Barzani, Kamuran Bedir Khan and his wife Natacha.

President of the Party. KDP is concerned as nationalist and populist. KDP has its own women organisation which fights for the women rights – KWU The Kurdistan Women Union. As KDP says itself, the party fights for the rights and freedoms of all people.  It wants the government to have the biggest positive impact on daily lives. Moreover, the most important things are stable environment and opportunity for growth and prosperity. Society should be able to live with honor, safety, peace, freedom and democracy on the soil of Kurdistan Region. The KDP is so called “big tent” party.

PUK The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan

puk the patriotic union of kurdistan
Jalal Talabani PUK

The party was established just after the collapse of Mahabad Republic. The PUK’s leader is Jalal Talabani, former president of Iraq. This one is a social democratic party of the Iraqi Kurdistan which stands at center-left side.  It is representation of workers and toilers. It aims for a secular democratic system and a society  that can live in harmony with current world. Party wants also equality between men and women and equality before the law.

GORRAN The Change Movement

Gorran Nawshirwan Mustafa
Gorran Nawshirwan Mustafa

This is a political organization created by the people who believe in its political agenda and internal structure. It was firstly acknowledged in 2009.  The leader of Gorran is Nawshirwan Mustafa. Gorran is an opposition to KDP and PUK.

KDSP The Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party

The party was founded in 2002 and is concerned as a branch of PKK Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

KIU The Kurdistan Islamic Union

It was founded in 1994 as a Muslim Brotherhood and represents the right-wing. It wants to establish Islamic state in Iraq which incorporates Western democracy and freedom of the press as compatible with sharia. The party aims for free trade, investment, reduced corruption and entrepreneurship. It supports women’s rights. KIU’s leader is Mohammed Faraj.


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