Mustafa Barzani

Hey enemy ! There is still people who speak Kurdish.

Not even the creator of bombs can defeat them.

Nobody can say that Kurdish is dead. Kurdish is still alive. Our flag will not kneel!

I am on my knees.

I salute.

I feel the respect.

I am thankful.

To Him. The hero of all times.


He was the leader of the Kurds. He gave a lot to free his people. He went through many fights but the enemies were often stronger with all kind of modern weapon. Kurdistan was totally destroyed and Peshmerga  were hiding in the mountains. Their life was very hard. They used to carry all their equipment and weapons every single day. They barely had anything to eat.

His love for the nation and tough fight for its freedom through decades, gave a peace of pride to the Kurds in each part of the world: Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, USA, Europe.

Massoud_Barzani_ Abd_al-Karim_Qasim
Young Massoud Barzani and Abd al-Karim Qasim Iraqi Prime Minister

As 5 years old child who was imprisoned !

And in same time he saw the execution of his father, brother and grandfather which was made by Ottoman Empire !

He was ready to change a lot and give his people a free land but in his time no one was able to speak to Iraq. He became  the Minister of Defense and commander of the Kurdish army in the Republic of Mahabad. After the Rebuplic was overrun by Iranian troops, Mustafa Barzani had to run away with his followers.

Iraq would kill him. Iran would kill him. Turkey would kill him.

Barzani had to flee.

General Mustafa Barzani

He took his 500 men and he went on foot to Soviet Union. He never treated himself higher than his 500 men.

When there was a river on the way to Soviet Union, he was the last one to cross it. He wanted to be sure that all of his 500 men crossed the river and are save on the other side.

They all spent in Soviet Union 12 years until they were allowed to come back to Iraq. During that time many of his men married women from USRR.

Mulla Mustafa al Barzani Aziz Sharif Issam Aziz Sharif 1970
Mulla Mustafa al Barzani Aziz Sharif Issam Aziz Sharif 1970

“How could I let You go alone when I love You !”

Peshmerga is always ready to give his life for his land, share his blood for his nation.

Nowadays people even beg the administration to take his son and  let him be a Peshmerga.

“Our people don’t want war, but sometimes You have no choice but to defend yourself.”

Sheikh Abdalah Barzani

16.03.1988 Saddam Hussein fired chemical weapons on the city of Halabja.

All operation lasted 1 hour and more than 5 000 died. It was a deep night. People who had time to run away were taken to a refugee camp in Iran. A small girl was there with her baby brother who cried a lot. She wanted to feed him and asked for a bread but he was a baby, he wanted a milk. She asked  her aunt to feed him but she was over 60 years old and she had no milk in her breast.

“Revange is very sweet. It is very sweet because they destroy and we build, they kill and we give lifes.”

Hewa Jaff

Sivan Perwer – Helebçe Spotify

“It’s the Kurdistan extermination, all you need is pen and paper, write so that everyone will know of our pain, help ! It’s our extermination! FERMANE !”

“Beautiful Kurdish girl, brave Kurdish girl, I will not renounce my beloved, I will never forget my beloved eyes. I told her MY BEAUTY DON’T GO.”

Şivan Perwer

Freedom is a precious thing.

And there is no freedom without your own country.

How could I let You go alone when I love You Kurdistan !