Masoud Barzani

There was a hero.

There was a heart.

There was a honor and class.

There was a freedom fighter.

There was the Only One.

Mustafa Barzani.

The greatest hero with incredible heart to fight for his land and extremely strong honor. Mustafa Barzani. With passion and love for his homeland.

What he did for Kurdistan – is definitely undeniable.

Then his son came.

Masoud Barzani.

Well his last name makes us think the same: hero, heart, freedom fighter, undisguised, would do all for his people.

Well, is this really truth …

Masoud Barzani was born 16.08.1946 in Mahabad.

PDK flag

In 1992, just after the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan was established, free elections took a place.

The main rivals were – Barzani with his KDP party (yellow) and Jalal Talabani with his PUK party (green).
Finally, they shared votes and ministries between them.

2 years later Peshmerga of KDP fought against Peshmerga of PUK. Barzani got help of Saddam Hussein and PUK was supported by Iran.

PUK flag

In 1998 in Washington, Kurdish Region was divided into Northwest KDP and Southeast PUK.puk kdp kurdistan region divided

Year 2003 brought with itself an invasion of Iraq. This made 2 Kurdish parties create one united government KRG and Barzani was elected as the President of Iraqi Kurdistan in 2005.

During first presidential elections, 2009, he was reelected and in 2013 his presidency was extended for another 2 years by the parliament.

Masoud Barzani.jpg

So how it is with Masoud Barzani ?
Aren’t his action a bit controversial ?
Is he playing fair and clearly ?
What’s the story behind his eyes ?

The first question that comes to my head is Masoud Barzani’s net worth …

Although nobody  can prove Barzani’s ownership, his whole family owns a huge amount of commercial enterprises in Kurdistan.

Masrour Barzani
Masrour Barzani

The whole value of them is more then a few BILLION dollars.
Kurdish people suffer poverty, while Barzani’s son, Masrour, is buying next, 10 million $ luxury apartment in USA !

Questionable ?
Even more, Barzani was accused of getting huge profits from smuggling illegal oil.

Questionable ?
Each month Barzani get salary that equals 400 000 $. Well, Mr Obama also gets huge salary – but his equals 33 333$ a month !
It is 12 times less than Barzani !

Questionable ?
Son of Masoud Barzani, Mansur, in 2012 lost 3.2 million $ in casino in Dubai ! Of course it was during official visit, because during official visits it is hard to see diplomats next to Barzani, these are only his family members going around the world for free right next to him !

Questionable ?
What about nowadays problem ISIS ? Barzani didn’t want to help in the fight with his forces. Why? Well ISIS started attacks on the GREEN side – the PUK side, which was very helpful for Barzani. Why not let ISIS destroying a bit his biggest rival PUK ? That is how much he cares about power and his position not about his people, his brothers and sisters, no matter what side they live in – green or yellow – they are still Kurdistan residents !

Questionable ?
Barzani family dominates everything around politics. Nephew is a prime minister. Uncle – finance minister. Son – leads the intelligence service. Another son – general. Another nephew – owns the cellphone company !

His daughters-in-low give births in USA so his clan can gain American citizenship and same daughters-in-low are known in America as they introduce themselves as “Princesses of Kurdistan”!

Speechless !

Not many foreigners really know that freedom of speech in Kurdistan could be also questionable if it comes to criticize President Barzani.
In 2010 Sardasht Osman was killed. Journalist that was brave enough to describe dark-side of Mr President. Final – year student.

Sardasht Osman

In his last poem he shows how big privileges owns the members of Barzani’s family – I want to marry Barzani’s daughter.

If I become Massoud Barzani’s son-in-law, we would spend our honeymoon in Paris and also we would visit our uncle’s mansion in America. I would move my house from one of the poorest areas in Erbil to Sari Rash [Barzani’s palace complex] where it would be protected by American guard dogs and Israeli bodyguards ….

I can’t say a lot because I am not in Kurdistan. I can only provide you with the information that I receive from different sources.

But most of You my friends are there and you can say best.

How it is with Masoud Barzani ?