Abdullah Öcalan

Ocalan pkk
Ocalan with PKK

The Great Leader of PKK. After years of fighting for Kurdish Freedom and trying to reveal Turkish crimes against the Kurds he was caught in Nairobi near to Greek embassy and taken to Turkey with the help of CIA. Over there the trial took place and he was sentenced to death. It was in 1999 and after some years Turkey wanted so much to join European Union so the government abolished the death penalty.

He was transported to the island in the Sea of Marmara to spend his years, totally alone in the prison. Can You imagine that over 1 000 Turkish soldiers stayed on the island to guard him! After 10 years of living in a total solitude, the European Union forced Turkey to build new prison and transfer some more prisoners to Öcalan so he will not stay alone. Moreover, the Turkey has been accused of breaking human rights by giving Öcalan not good enough remedy to appeal and no fair trial.

pkk apo ocalan captured

Of course after that capture, thousands of  Kurds around the world started to protest.

Germany even threatened Kurds with deportation if they continue to support Öcalan.

ocalanTill now Öcalan is in that prison but he is not silent. From time to time he is allowed to send a letter to his people and not long time ago he called for withdrawal of PKK fighters from Turkish territory.


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