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We owe the Kurds independent Kurdistan !

Kurds are freeing people from Daesh.
They take over villages one by one.
If you are only interested in Kurdish case, you know they are headind to Mosul, the most important Daesh’s “station”.

We also have to remember to appreciate the huge help of Iraqi troops who are heading Mosul from the South while Kurds surrounded it from the North.
Daesh (Kurds don’t like if you call them ISIS because for the Kurds they have nothing to do with Islam) is loosing more and more lands.

Mosul is the area where ISIS is keeping Yazidis.

It seems like Daesh will be soon defeated for good. And what then?

The West will say “Thank you our Kurdish friends” and will close the case?


The West, the whole world owes the Kurds independence and sovereignty!

They have fought for each one of us, for future generations, for your and my kids. For our peaceful nights and days without a fear of death.
We ALL owe the Kurds their land back.
This is how people with honor and dignity act. They save us, and we play fair !
The world ! Do not ever forget about your saviors !
Biji Kurd u Kurdistan!



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

2 thoughts on “We owe the Kurds independent Kurdistan !

  1. Our peshmergas are fighting ISIS with old guns and tanks and they achieve victory all the time..and they are the most loyal people to there allies ….we deserve our freedom…bji kurdistan dast xosh


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