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You can’t forget about the Kurds. They will remind you ! Creation of Middle East.

It seems like someone, some time ago, has left a mess on the world’s map.

It seems like, in 20’s, someone forgot about the Kurds.

It seems like someone was drunk drawing Middle East borders.

It seems like someone wanted to gain something but actually left 40 million people without a homeland.

How is it possible that Kurdistan’s establishment was officially confirmed in 1920 but a few years later all has been cancelled?

Let’s get back to the times before the World War I.

Ottoman Empire was growing but Arabs get pissed off and wanted to fight the Turks. Same, Great Britain wanted to defeat them.

The Ottoman Empire

The one who was the connection between Arabs and Britain was T.E. Lawrence – British archaeologists who as a student came to Syria and fall in love with the land. His knowledge about the region and people was enormous. He has become one of them – Lawrence of Arabia.


Thank to him, Great Britain have sent weapons to Arabs and promised them independence if they win over Turks.

The fight started.

Lawrence of Arabia became Arab leader and led Arabs to victory after victory.

While many of them have been dying on the desert, Britain and France signed new Treaty – Picot.

Promises have been broken.

They have shared Middle East lands between each other and have left nothing for Arabs.

Sykes – Picot

Lawrence of Arabia knew about it but he lied to his Arab soldiers that Britain confirmed their independence on the paper so they can continue fighting. Till today it is very controversial what he has done. Was it really a matter of fighting or he was making a favor to Great Britain …

Arabs continued fighting under the British Flag.

Their goal was to take over Jerusalem and they did it.

In the same time, group of Zionists have lobbied British government to establish Jewish Homeland in Palestine.

Can you imagine Arabs situation? It was not only their independence promise that has been broken but even the other nation will get their lands ! But Arabs had still no idea … Britain let them even design their own flag !

Arab soldiers with newly designed flag

After Jerusalem, the goal was to take over Damascus – the center of Arab business.

Arabs achieved it and Damascus was liberated. The joy and happiness on the streets has been indescribable!

What happened with the Kurds at this time ?

famine-ottoman-kurdsThose who lived in Turkey were forced to fight for Ottomans but mostly they suffered a lot! They were not only used to fight Russia but over 800 000 of them died because of famine.

The Great Powers have promised them independence if only Turkey would fall.

Ottomans fell and in 1920 Treaty of Sevres gave Kurds their country Kurdistan.

But Turkey got so pissed off that it started a war again just to not give Kurds anything. Mustafa Ataturk could not stand them having a land!


War ended in 1923 and new Treaty of Lausanne has been signed which created the State of Turkey and incredibly overlooked the Kurds.


It was a time of creation of a new country Iraq.

It was built by Britain and included 3 different groups: Shias, Sunnis and the Kurds.

iraqThe Kurds has been placed at the north part of Iraq and used by British as a buffer against Turkey.

And watch my words ! The Europe “used” the Kurds for their own benefits !

The person responsible for a dialog between those groups were British Gertrude Bell. It was her that particularly built Iraq.

gertrude-bellLawrence of Arabia wrote:

“She should have never let Mosul – dominated by the Kurds- be a city of Iraq”.

Same Treaty shared Kurdish lands between Iran and new countries: Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

And that is how the nightmare of the Kurds began which can still be observed today.

Kurds deserve to get back their homeland and there is no other option because it was taken away from them without them knowing a thing which is less the disrespectful.

It seems like men with no honor decide about world’s fate !

Biji Kurdistan !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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