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Forgotten Syria’s Children of War

“Today we can’t say that We did not know … “


My heart crashed into million pieces.

There is not enough tears in the whole world to cry for.

But finally the whole world can see it and we cannot say “We did not know …”.

Feeling that you are useless, can’t do a thing – that is the worst.

And watching kids that get used to that, to blood, to bodies, bombs, exploding buildings ….

Their faces …

Empty eyes …

Scared …

Like fear is the only feeling they know.

And We – Modern World – flooded with money – doing nothing.


This is our responsibility. The whole world’s responsibility.


OK, I understand. After you see what is going on in France and Germany it is hard for you to accept it.


But at least those kids …

They should be saved.
And please do not tell me that they will grow up in Europe and after that they will take part in some terrorist’s attacks.

How they will behave in the future depends only on the environment they are growing in.
It is a huge responsibility of the society they live it, the countries’ policy they live in.

If you totally blame the children it means you do not understand the very important process of rising a child. It is like an aggressive parent rises a child, who after years becomes criminal.

How much his parent has to do with that?
Totally A LOT !

Save those children, because they are the future of this world.

We will be once judge for that and then they will ask us:

“But did you even try to do something, has even one thought of yours been with those people? Or you have been like Oh It Is not My Business. Just leave them where they are. Let them manage it themselves”

Did you ever realize how many of you can be alive today because your parents or grandparents have been saved by Middle and Near countries ?

And now, when the children over there need help and new home – we say NO.

Why ?
Because we care more about our security then risking and helping someone.

Now I think about many Polish and German people who have been hiding Jews in their homes. Haven’t they risk a thing?
Surely they have been as scared as you – but they just knew this is the right thing to do.

There are over 2.5 million children refugees in Syria.

Save The Children !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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