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Polish refugees. You have been given a great gift. Life. Now it’s your turn to pay back.

I know what you are about to say. Same topic – different day.

I know.

But if there were not a person that reminds about it – there would not be a chance in the world that someone might care.

Do you remember 2nd World War ?
I am Polish so for me this is very important part of history.

Same as Kurds have been displaced from their homeland and mixed with other nations – Polish people have been displaced also . And they have been saved by many countries that let them come and live as refugees.


polish refugees ship to iran
Polish refugees – travel to Iran

Do you know who displaced us? Russians.
The ones that came to “rescue” us. Isn’t  the history a bit similar now?

Putin is about to help Kurds? Hmm interesting:)

So Russians created a plan of de-Polonize Poland.
Around 1 million Poles have been sent to Siberia.

Then Polish Armed Forces in the East – Anders’ Army helped them.

Over 110 000 Polish people succeed to escape USSR and they have found home in many new countries:

New Zealand
British Africa

Those countries offered new home for almost 30 000 Polish children.

They probably gave home to your grandfather and grandmother and that is how you can be here, today with us !
Appreciate that and give a chance to other children today, not only Kurdish ones.

polish refugees india balachadi
Polish refugees in India Balachadi

It is your time to pay back.

A few years ago, when you heard Muslim – you thought Terrorist.

I know what is your answer now.
You hear Refugee – you think Terrorist.
But didn’t the grateful God give us a brain to use it?

We have to see beyond that. We have to understand it beyond any stereotype – or the whole world will be over very soon.

Yes there are Refugees, yes there are attacks of terror but what we need to understand is DO NOT GENERALIZE !

Polish refugees camp in Iran

There are people who run away from death, and there are people who want to use it for their own goals.

There are refugees who need our help, and there are members of sick organisations who use these poor refugees to achieve their sick goals. We need to use our wisdom to be able to see the difference.

How many of Polish people get angry when you call them thieves – well this is the stereotype of Polish people. When we hear it we directly say

Not all of us are the same, there is some crap 1% of Poles who do it but they do not represent the whole nation. It is a margin that exists in every society.

Well, that is what I am telling you now.

There is so many of us here, today, because our grandmother has been saved and could continue her life in Iran instead of starving to death in Siberia.

If you can’t change your way of thinking, feeling refugees are your enemies, at least  help those who can’t do anything for themselves:

Save the Children !

kurdish refugees children turkey



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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