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Kurdistan is not an Ancient history. It is a modern history. Respect Kurdish right to be independent land!

Every time, when I say “give back Kurdish people their own land”, most of my friends are like “oh come on, move forward, you want some Ancient history to come back, Jesus – it is like wanting Mezopotamia to be back today … .”

What can I answer to that ?

It just shows how little people actually know about Kurdish history.

Kurdistan is not an Ancient country.
You need to remember that the Republic of Ararat existed till 26.03.1946.

Still we hear “why should they get back their country, move forward, it is a history”.

Well, to give you some perfect example, Poland existed till, we can say, 01.09.1939 – much shorter then Kurdistan, and still we got back our country, but unfortunately it took us almost 50 years – till 1989.

So please, do not use such an argument like “Kurdistan is a history” because this is the world’s future actually.

We call ourselves Europeans, educated people.
So I can advise to educate ourselves little bit more before sharing any judgement about the country and the nation we do not know a thing about.

Even more, Kurdistan was offered independence by USA, but that was much before Americans, British etc. found the huge source of oil in Kirkuk.

Kurdistan deserves independence and Kurdish people deserves to get back what someone took from them without asking, stole from them, grabbed what did not belong to that someone.

So please, respect Kurdish right for their own land, home, family.

Respect Kurdish right for freedom and justice.



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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