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How Polish King stopped Turkish Empire ! Battle of Vienna

I have a great story for you Turkey and Mr Erdogan. Well, Ottoman Empire once was stopped. And as long as Polish people live, there will be nothing like that again, because we fought a lot to stop that tyranny.

It seems like Mr Erdogan has some kind of paranoia.

He would like to go back to the times of the Ottoman Empire, which is totally impossible.

He turns his country into a dictatorship. His propaganda is so strong that normal people believe in it with their all hearts ! And this is totally fucked up.

Sorry but I don’t find any other words to describe it.

He blocks Twitter and Facebook, placing his own rules for the Social Media. After that he says that Turkey is a country with “world’s freest media” !


He forgot to add that he put them all in jail.
Turkey jailed the biggest amount of journalist in the world in 2012 and 2013.

yildiz tilbe.jpg
Yildiz Tilbe

Most famous people of Turkey post some shit about how they adore Hitler and his ideology! “May God bless Hitler” – singer Yildiz Tilbe such a beauty – such an ugly heart.

This just went too far and Erdogan will not stop there. I am so sure. He has some sick image of Turkey in his mind.

The problem is, that the Ottoman Empire does not equal Turkey Mr Erdogan. The Ottoman Empire was a small piece called Turkey plus many other countries or part of their lands, just illegally grabbed by Ottomans, inter alia today’s:

Greece, Georgia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Cyprus, Tunisia, Moldavia. Hungary, Poland.

ottoman empire map countries

If Mr Erdogan loves history so much, lets remind him how Ottoman greatness was finished by Polish King John III Sobieski -who saved the Western Europe against the Ottoman invasion. He brought the end to the Ottoman power.

Around 1682, when the Ottoman Empire came to the half of Hungary, it has been preparing for even further invasion.

Leopold I
Leopold I

Leopold I, Home of Habsburg, was totally terrified because he knew he does not have that amount of soldiers to beat Turks.

Poland shared the border with Ottomans. We had some small fights but mostly we kept the peace. Both sides knew that the biggest fight is coming and we have been prepared for that.

Poland wanted so much to fight the expansion of Ottomans which meant a war. France tried some negotiations but it did not work out. None of European countries (Russia, Germany, Sweden) wanted to fight the Ottomans.
They did not have enough big balls, I guess.

Nobody wanted to fight Ottomans, but Poland.

Kara Mustafa.jpg
Kara Mustafa

Kara Mustafa’s – Turkish army aimed to Vienna. Leopold I started to panic. He knew this will be a disaster for his army.
Polish king John III Sobieski, decided to take his soldiers and walk to Vienna to help Leopold I.

john III sobieski.jpg
John III Sobieski

The 16th of July 1683 – Ottomans surrounded Vienna.

September 4-9 Turks were just as far from the imperial castle as just one rifle shot.

The closer Polish king was, the more armies he took over and became the greatest general of Polish, German, Austrian soldiers.

September 12, 1683 at four o’clock in the morning the king John III Sobieski attended the Mass. After that, the main battle begun.

battle of vienna 1683.jpg
The Polish Winged Hussars

The battle lasted about 12 hours, of which over 11.5 hours held shelling preparing an attack.
Sobieski completed it all within half an hour !

Europe has been saved !

We came, we saw, and God conquered.

That is what he wrote to Pope after that battle.

Watch the movie about Battle of Vienna



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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