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Europe cries over immigrants while it does not see the real danger. Europe raised a monster on her breast. Turkish Nazis.

Do you remember how it all started ?

This chaos that we see right now?

You don’t? I guess that you should because your children will be taught about that at school and you have to  be the one that gonna tell them if what they teach at school is true or not.

You should because there is a country, there is a leader that wants to change the history, and he is actually doing it, on our eyes, right now.

First, there was a man in Egypt who burnt himself alive because he had enough of how disrespectful the government of his country was.

Then, the Arab Spring begun.

Most of Arab leaders were found dead or just disappeared.
But not in Syria. Bashar al-Assad is still sitting on the chair of Syria’s President.

And that was when Daesh woke up.

Of course the group has existed since 2003, but the Arab Spring and then Civil War in Syria, was a great moment to come back and be active again as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

And the tragedy begun.

With a huge help of Mr Erdogan, Daesh started to take under control Iraqi territory.

They started to brutally murder innocent people, everyone who didn’t want to join them. They started to kidnap, group rape, and kill young girls.

Then the whole world heard for the first time about Yazidis.

That was when the Kurds were put on the first pages of newspapers from all over the world, because only them started to seriously fight Daesh, and only them fought for real with genial results.

From every area, where Daesh terrorized inhabitants, people ran away, leaving everything there. They ran with kids in their arms and just with a bottle of water. Their whole lives were left in their home cities. Even disabled people were carried through harsh landscapes by their families. They looked for asylum anywhere else.

And then Turkey came to the game.

The whole world saw how Turkey said NO to those people just at the borders.

The whole world saw how Turkey let them die in the hands of Daesh.

The whole world saw the Turkey becoming murderer.

And that is how we come till today. On our eyes, the Nazi nation is being built.

Of course Nazi people have been, are, and will be on this Earth. But this Nazi nation is not some Nazi group like in Poland or Scandinavia.

It is something much worse.

It is the whole nation. Not a group.

Most of us saw the latest protests led by Turks in whole Europe. This is just ridiculous.

How a Turk in Germany can protest against any nation in his country – Turkey. He himself does not live in his own land !

He is himself an immigrant. And he protests against other nations than Turkish in Turkey.

Does he even understand what he takes part in?

Or he is there just to do something with his aggression?

This is f****ing scary

And please do not understand me wrong, I don’t want to put all into one box, but I have never ever seen a demonstration made by Turkish people that would say:

“Hey, we have made mistakes, you have made mistakes, let’s have a peace and start all from the beginning”.

If I’m wrong – please share with me a video or an article.

I’m Polish and it seems to me like history repeats a bit.

I tell you what – world leaders.
You better  look out, because under your own wings there is something very dangerous growing.

You better look out because your fear feeds a monster.

You are very afraid of immigrants coming to Europe.
Well, the waves of immigrants have been, are, and will be going on. This is something natural. You can’t avoid it.

Vietnamese migrating to Great Britain.
USSR people migrating to Scandinavia, Germany, France – Poles even kidnapped many planes to get out of Poland.
Scandinavian people running away to USA – millions of Scandinavian people.

Migrations gonna always exist.

The issue is that you world leaders, you can’t think like businessmen.

Instead of creating circumstances to fight the problem, you try to put it away “it is not my problem any more”. But it will come back to you. You have to find a solution. Every good businessman would tell you “Be a solution-oriented person”.

Find a solution for the problem – don’t put the problem away.

And this case is very easy. Even very very easy.

Did America fall because of Scandinavian migration?
Did Sweden, Norway, Germany fall because of Polish migration?
Did Great Britain fall?

It is very simple. Easy selection would be the easiest way to avoid what you are afraid of the most “terrorists”.

Today, in 21st century, when governments listen to our every conversation, they read what we write, they know when and where we write, it is so easy to get information about every single person.

The very best question now is:

If you want ?



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

6 thoughts on “Europe cries over immigrants while it does not see the real danger. Europe raised a monster on her breast. Turkish Nazis.

  1. The best unbiased article about the current situations in Europe I have ever read. Thank you very much for your informative post 🙂
    A Kurd from Iran living in Germany.

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