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Better to die standing, than to live kneeling. Are Kurdish friends the real friends ?

Today is a very important day in Polish history.

A day that may be a warning or a lesson for you my Kurdish friends.

As many knows, the history likes to repeat.

The 1st of March is Polish national Day of Memory of Cursed Soldiers.

Who are they? How can they be linked with Kurdish history?

Cursed soldiers were Polish guerrilla fighting against Soviets, starting just at the end of the II World War, also a lot of women.

cursed soldiers polish
Polish Lady Guerrilla

Why Soviets?

Just as Russians are “helping” Kurds right now, they helped also Poland.
They “liberated” us from the domination of the Nazi Germany.

Liberated? Well, actually it was not exactly “liberation”. All they wanted to do was to get their benefits.
First of all, they could “liberate” us much earlier than 1944, but they wanted to wait to let Germans weak Poland as much as it is possible.

Second of all, they came to Poland as heroes, and that was how we treated them – as heroes, but what they actually gave us was one more ENSLAVEMENT, probably even worse, instead of any LIBERATION.

polish kurdish guerrilla
Polish Guerrilla

Polish Underground State was very developed in that time, contained more than 200 000 guerrilla soldiers. They have been smart enough to know what Russians are really about and they have started their fight against Soviets already in 1944.

Even though, those soldiers were hunted down by NKVD, their fight was very long because the last on was killed in an ambush in 1963 !
They just could not find him.

I know that, you Kurds, treat Russians also as heroes, and I’m not gonna deny any of their good intentions, but just a small suggestion to not trust everyone who help you at this time.

polish soldiers guerrilla

I mean, trusting someone with no doubts, especially when your situation is not easy and there could be a lot of “friends” around you who see only the benefits they could get from helping you.

History likes to repeat …

Biji Kurdistan !

Biji our soldiers !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

4 thoughts on “Better to die standing, than to live kneeling. Are Kurdish friends the real friends ?

  1. Kurds should learn from the six beco and the qazi muhamad’s history when US and Russia betrayed us.but we will keep fighting to the end…as kurds say..we prefer die standing to live kneeling


  2. No friends but ,the Mountains.It’s sad that some of my kurdish brothers have not learned anything from our history.Russians and Americans are using us against Isis so we are going to use them for our independence in Syria and Iraq.If they are against we will put the guns down and let them handle what they create.
    Biji Kurd u Kurdistan.


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