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Kurdish incredible history

The history of Kurds is often compared with the history of the Polish nation under rules of Germany, Russia and Austria in 19th century.

The predecessors of the Kurds are Medes. To be more precise, the Kurds are kind of mixture between the Khurrites (Hurrians) who lived in Northern-Mesopotamia almost 5000 years ago and the Medes who conquered them.

In VII BC they have founded an Empire of Medes. In 612 BC they have conquered the powerful Assyria and spread their domination through the whole Iran as well as central Anatolia.

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No more genocides ! No to Terrorist Turkey ! Help Kurds

I know a lot of you contact many organisations or governments for them to finally do something about Terror in Turkey.

You write many emails, letters and so on.
I thought they are not even willing to read them but maybe a VIDEO will affect them much more and will open their eyes at least.

Share wherever you can.

Make them see.

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Does the son follow the father ? Masoud Barzani … Questionable leadership.

There was a hero.

There was a heart.

There was a honor and class.

There was a freedom fighter.

There was the Only One.

Mustafa Barzani.

The greatest hero with incredible heart to fight for his land and extremely strong honor. Mustafa Barzani. With passion and love for his homeland.

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