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The boys are dead … Roboski Massacre

Where is my boy ?!

Where is he ?!

Where is my son ?!

Where is my angel ! It was not his time to go ! Is he safe in heaven ?!

Did he go back to his father’s home ?!

Where is my boy ?!


APTOPIX India Gang Rape

He was going back home …

He was going back to me …

… with some food so we have tonight enough to eat …

My sweet little angel …

So small …

So innocent …

They bombed my heart and my soul. They bombed my life, my world.

Only 15 and already a martyr. Only 15 and already was killed for his land.

Biji Kurdistan – was written in his heart …

roboski mothers cry dead boys

They will not stop, they feel no shame, they have no honor nor heart.
They can kill us one by one …
… but they will never kill this land.
Biji Kurdistan.

28.12.2011, 21:39

Many mothers’ hearts have been broken.

That day Turkish F-16 and drone bombed innocent residents of Kurdish village Roboski. 35 have been killed and most of them have been kids. Many families lost few  members at a time.

Roboski is situated at the border between Iraqi and Turkish Kurdistan. People who live there have part of their fields in Iraqi Kurdistan and they don’t really recognize any borders. Every single day what they do is to go to Iraqi part to plow their crops and go back home to Turkish part.

roboski massacre turkey f16
Murdered Roboski’s children

Turkish government knew this very well.

Turkish government gave them permission to do it.

They knew these people had to do this for living, but as Turkish Army is explaining “they killed them because those Kurds were smugglers”.

gulten kisanak speach turkish government
Gulten Kisanak

Turkey even cleaned any armed soldiers from the route so the Kurds could easily cross the borders. Poor Kurds thought that government is helping them but instead of that, Turkey was only preparing to murder the Kurds from Roboski.

Gulten Kisanak – Speech on the massacre of 36 Kurdish civilians 
Smuggling what ? A packet of cigarettes ?
While you smuggle millions in here, wasting the governments money.
For 90 years you try to exterminate one community !
How dare you pose superiority over us !
Even if you commit a thousand massacres !
We will not going to give up !
What the Turks have, that is more than Kurds ?
Erdogan says “We are not going to allow them to settle down in those areas”
Settling down ? What settling down ?!
We Kurds have been here longer then a thousand years !
We are deep rooted in those cliffs, rocks …
We are here and have been here since the beginning of history !




My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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