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Shameful Prisons for children in Turkey !

What are you thinking about right now ?

Christmas …
Holidays …

What to buy for your sister, mother, brother …
Finally study break …
What you gonna eat, who gonna visit you, if the Christmas tree is already decorated …
Will there be enough snow this year …
How nice it will be to chill out and not think about work or studies …

Where my thoughts are ?

I think of your sweet little child.
This baby girl and this baby boy.
How much you love him or her.
For sure you would do everything for them.

I think of your child – being prisoned.

children tortured abused.jpgNo he is not at home for Christmas.
Look at him right now and think of that you can’t see his smile anymore and he is out there somewhere, crying, fearing, lonely …

Prisoned … Your child is prisoned …

“Prisoned children ?” – you may ask. Yes prisoned children, here and now, while you are reading this.

kurdish children jail turkey

It is something very normal in Turkey, that children are prisoned.
“What for ? “ – you may ask.
Well, mostly for “insulting” Mr President – like tearing down his poster !

These children are my the only thoughts right now.

jailed children.jpgDoes it seem to you normal that children are arrested, prosecuted and jailed ? What’s more, this is even legal according to Turkish law.
Who are these kids ? Of course most of them are Kurdish kids.
Not really shocking, ha ?

Children in Turkish prisons, prisons of shame, are tortured.
They get no food, no medical treatment.
They are beaten.
Beaten naked ! With iron bars !

syrian children torture

In those prisons children torture children and guardians provide them equipment to help with these tortures.
What the hell are you doing Turkey !

But what is the worst – they are sexually abused by other prisoners !
That’s what have been reported in Pozanti prison.

pozanti children prison turkey.jpg

Those innocent children went through hell in a prison, while drug dealers walk freely in Turkey.

A boy who revealed everything to media was sentenced to 40 years in jail !

This is Turkey. The NATO state. The state that breaks Human Rights in the name of NATO, because NATO does nothing at all.
Your member claims a law does breaks all NATO rules and you do nothing.
boy in prison turkey

Even more, Madame Angela Merkel pays Turkey to keep all the immigrants inside its territory. Bravo madame Merkel. Your money sponsors Mr Erdogan. The murderer and sadistic dictator. And you can be more then sure that the money will mostly finalize ISIS, something you are so afraid of but you just make it worse.

So my dear friend …

What are you thinking about right now ?

If you think about those gifts, could you make a gift for those kids ?
You gonna say “I barely have money for the gifts for my family”. Well, If you can’t afford a small package, the biggest gift you can give them is to show in your area, inform your people, rise your voice and say NO …

NO to terror in Turkish State !

NO to jails and torture for kids !

NO to killing and raping of any human kinds  !

NO to breaking human rights  !

So my dear friend …

What are you thinking about right now ?

children turkey in prison



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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