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The boys are dead … Roboski Massacre

Where is my boy ?!

Where is he ?!

Where is my son ?!

Where is my angel ! It was not his time to go ! Is he safe in heaven ?!

Did he go back to his father’s home ?!

Where is my boy ?!


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Kurdish Flag Day

December is a very special month. Huge part of the world is preparing for Christmas or holidays.
But all of the Kurds celebrate their most significant sign – their flag.

17th December
Kurdish Flag Day

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Shameful Prisons for children in Turkey !

What are you thinking about right now ?

Christmas …
Holidays …

What to buy for your sister, mother, brother …
Finally study break …
What you gonna eat, who gonna visit you, if the Christmas tree is already decorated …
Will there be enough snow this year …
How nice it will be to chill out and not think about work or studies …

Where my thoughts are ?

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A home for all – multireligious. The dream land. Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is a place where different religions meet each other and live together with a total peace. There is no other place in the world, where such a mix created a very well built social tolerance.

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