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Erdogan’s bloody election campaign …

All dictators, now and then, after happy years of richness and ruling their own regime-country, come to the point when they get mad and scared of anybody to take over control.

They become monsters who could do everything just to keep the power in their own hands.

What Stalin did to keep the power – eliminated his enemies
What Gaddafi did to keep the power – eliminated his enemies
What Idi Amin did to keep the power – eliminated his enemies

In November, there will be one more elections in Turkey.

What Erdogan does to keep the power – …. ?
sirnak 2015
Sirnak 2015

The elimination of his “enemies” is going on on our own eyes but is very well covered with the news that are most important for the world right now – fighting against ISIS.

Blocked Cizre

And while the world is focused on ISIS, Erdogan eliminates everyone who could disturb his election in November.

When HDP got so many votes a few months ago, Erdogan directly stopped a peace process with Kurdish militants.
He said “it is impossible”. He seems to be waving flag, changing his position as the wind blows.

Day after day, there are heavy attacks held by Turkish State Police against all of the cities that “dared” to vote for HDP in previous elections, a few months ago.
cizre massacre
What Cizre looks like after days of attack

I  bet that most of You heard about last Cizre civilians massacre. The city was surrounded by Turkish Forces and they started random shooting.

Turkish government did not let anyone to get into the city. Did not let any help to get in and take care of wounded civilians.

No ambulance was let in.

People died on the streets. Streets out of the city were blocked.
You could see many polices buses taking care of nobody enter the city.

What was a confirmed purpose of this operation was to keep Turkish Forces in the city till the elections so the people of Cizre won’t vote at all or gonna vote for Erdogan, plus many were planned to be killed.

hdp nursel aydogan
Even Nursel Aydoğan, Turkish politician, MP for Amed, was not let in the city.

After all, the citizens of Cizre tried to describe everything what happened over there:

“Policemen said they were dispatched to Cizre from various cities upon an order from Ankara. They said they would clear here and leave after the elections.”

Cizre – 96% of votes for HDP.

The same scenario is now going on in many cities in this area. Just to keep these citizens away from elections, just to make them shut up or at least make them vote for Erdogan.

HDP Delegation blocked to not enter Cizre
HDP Delegation blocked to not enter Cizre

Nisebin – 92 % of votes for HDP

Artillery fire from tanks continues, snipers have been positioned on high buildings.

Every city that that voted for HDP and rejected AKP is under military control as a message for punishment.

Farqîn – around 80% of votes for HDP

Selahattin Demirtas HDP leader going on foot to Cizre because the roads have been blocked

Are there any UN forces in Turkey ?
Of course. Just the UN forces do nothing at all. No reaction. No help. Why? Are the western countries weak enough to be scared of Mr Erdogan? Each one of us is a founder of UN. We pay for this organisation and me as a founder, I do not agree for this organisation to just quietly observe while mass massacres are held in Turkey, the UN member !

Well, Mr Erdogan, I do not want to be cruel but …

How did Stalin end up like – …. ?
How did Gaddafi end up like – …. ?
How did Idi Amin end up like – … ?

Biji HDP




My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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