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The history is one. Don’t let them change it.

When we look back 50 – 80 years and we see how different countries were plotting and planning against other states, we think:

“How did they dare to be such a liars and traitors, how could they care only about their own power”.


Most of us think that those times are past, that it will never happen again because we are more civilized right now and we could not do the same mistakes again.

Well, I have to make you worried.

Siergiej Andriejew Ambassador of Russia in Poland

Even today, in civilized world, there are countries which want to hide the historical truth. I bet you know which countries I mean when I say Kurdistan’s enemies, when I say that they want to change their history or they don’t want anyone, ever mention the facts from their history.

The problem that Kurdistan has right now, with other states to plead guilty, Poland also still has, even though, since 1939 all things were said and done and the whole world knows the truth but still there are people with this strange mentality who are not able to say “Yes we did it wrong”, but who instead of it say:

” You, Poland, you are guilty yourself and this is all your fault”.

This is exactly what Russian Ambassador said a few days ago during the interview in Polish TV:

“Polish policy has led to this disaster in September 1939, because during the 30’s of the twentieth century Poland by its policy repeatedly blocked to build a coalition against Hitler’s Germany. Poland was therefore partly responsible for this disaster, which occurred in September”.

Well, Mr Ambassador, You forgot to add that your country, Soviet Union, planned to start 2nd World War much before it broke out.

Stalin and Ribbentrop in Kremlin
Stalin and Ribbentrop in Kremlin

You forgot to add that your leader met Germany and signed a document, which was officially called “nonaggression pact” but in reality it was a Russian – German agreement, in which Soviet Union agreed that Hitler will attack Poland in September 1939 but only if Soviet Union will gain control over half of the Polish lands, as well as over Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

So Mr Ambassador, are you trying to change the history ?

poland invaded and partitioned
Poland invaded and partitioned in 1939

All of my friends, you need to know that in 1939 in August Mr Molotov (Russia) and Mr Ribbentrop (Germany) have met in Soviet Union and they signed this Pact. Officially it was said that this pact is about nonaggression between these two states but in reality this pact guaranteed Soviet Union a lot of new lands, especially half of Poland, in return for not interrupting when Germany will attack Poland.

Thanks to that, 1st of September 1939,Germany had no problems with crossing Polish borders and making a chaos.

Remember my friends, whenever someone falsify your history, even though it is a high-ranking civil servant, your duty is to react. They might say you are bad, you are one minded person, but at least they can’t change the history of your people and try to act like their country is not guilty.



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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