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They want me to shut up …. again.

Remember. I am a writer. Whatever You say or write me, there is a huge possibility there will a small article about it.

There You go again.

I “dared” to put word “Turkey” next to “Armenian massacre” in one sentence and all of my Turkish friends, that I have met in Poland, raised with a huge madness.

They make me feel like I describe something abstract.

Like nothing of those thing happened.

But they did. Armenian Genocide happened and yes, Turkey was one of the oppressor.

Listen You, my Turkish friends, You are not responsible for what your grandfathers did, nobody blame You, but we blame your government for not admitting to it.
I have never ever said it is your fault, but You can’t wipe out the history.
So don’t get so angry when someone speaks about Turkey crimes.

conversation1I don’t understand why is it so hard to bow your head and say “Yes, it happened, and we are sorry for that”.

Germans did not have a problem to do it.

Even Russians did not have a problem to do it.

Even Poland admitted to some war crimes.

But of course Turkey always has a problem.

So my “friends” tried to make me stop writing about Turkey ever again. They told me that I am not objective because I should not focus especially on Turkey. I should write about ALL genocide all over the world.

Well I asked them, if a reporter writes about Spanish football league, does it mean he is not objective, because he should write about ALL leagues all over the world ??

It sounds like a huge nonsense. Like the Turkish society tries so much to not let the people speak about Turkey unless they say that Turkey was a big, successful Empire. They try to “silent” the inconvenient people.

conversation2Never ever, a single German or Russian person wrote me after my articles about Second World War. They don’t have a problem with it because they distant themselves from it, which is correct. They know that the real strength has a man who can admit to his mistake and apologize.

What do parents teach their children ?

To always admit to their mistakes and say “I’m sorry” better than to insist on the fact that we haven’t done something, while mother or father just caught us on something.

It is so sad that in the XXI century some people’s way of thinking still stays in XIX and XX century.

But in the same time I have a lot of supporters.

You are the strength for me and the motivation. Many thanks to Mr Soran, he knows, he took my back in this discussion.

Thanks to You I know that what I do has a sense and I should keep on writing.

Zor Spas ❤

Love You all ❤



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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