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We live here to make the world remember. Not to be quiet !

Today, as every Saturday, I spent my day in the Old Town of my city Gdansk.

How surprised I get when, in the middle of the Old Town, I saw an exhibition.

Armenian massacre in the beginning of XX century.

It was prepared by Polish-Armenian Foundation.

The exhibition showed covers from different newspapers from all over the world. This made me think a lot. If the world already was so aware of Turkish government brutal politics, why we did not learn anything from the history that happened more then a hundred years ago ?

It seems like after some time, everyone forget about it, and now history repeats but now the group that is oppressed are the Kurds.

My question is, will our children and grandchildren, after 100 years, be forced to experience such massacres again ? Will they be the oppressors or the victims ? Will they be forced to scream for a freedom and humanity because again the world will not react ?

How it will be then ….

“Christians burnt like vermin” British Newspaper 1909 Massacre in Adana
“Your brother’s blood calls out” Norwegian Newspaper 1916
“Rebuilt Turkey” French Magazine – L’assiette au beurre 1908

French newspaper Le Telegramme described:

“This is evidence that Muslim fanatics, exactly dervishes, massacred thousands of Armenians, wife and daughter were forced to marry Muslims. Armenians are turning to Europe, Russia, hoping to be heard “

Next french magazine, showed 3 Turkish policemen with heads of Macedonians:

French Le Telegramme. “Massacres of Armenia – Kirghiz who received medals – fanatics who kill Armenians ” 1909
“Evidence of the Turkish administration in Macedonia” Les Nouvelles Illustrees 1902

The French magazine, which threw light on Ottoman policy against Armenians by regime of Hamid in the Ottoman Empire. The true image of Abdul – Hamid II.

The cover shows a bloodthirsty Abdul – Hamid surrounded by dead bodies and blood.

Hamid- Abdul surrounded by blood and bodies
Hamid- Abdul surrounded by blood and bodies 1902

Another French magazine showed Tatars from the Caucasus who massacred Armenians in Baku. Between 1905-1906 in many cities and regions of the Trans Caucasus there have been clashes between Turks, Tatars and Armenians. Clashes were provoked by the Turkish czarist government, which regularly sent there armed help.

“In the State of oil” Le Croix Illustree 1905

French satirical newspaper shows Abdul Hamid II with the Order of the Foreign Legion.

“Abdul Hamid II: 30 years of murderers”

“Abdul Hamid II: 30 years of murderers” French satirical newspaper 1903

In the Italian newspaper, one of the articles certifies slaughter of about 4000 of Armenians and the Holocaust in one of the local churches.

Italian La Domenica del Corriere
Italian La Domenica del Corriere “Massacre in the East Turkey: Thousands of Armenians burned alive in the Catholic church in Adana” 1909

Illustrations were prepared by Polish-Armenian Foundation.




My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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