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A helping hand ? The hand of the executioner.

Today is my birthday.

27 years old.

27 years.

27 times I celebrated my Birth Day.

child drowned turkey trying to reach GreeceBut what is it all about ? If I could do something, If I had guarantee that my birthday wish will come true, I would like to give 27 re-births to 27 refugee kids who drowned on the way to better world.

Better world ? The world that they glorify. Is it better ? That world let them drown.

Is it a better world ? So which part of the globe is now the Third World ? Isn’t it the one that is heartless ? Isn’t it the one that is quiet right now ?

Libyan side of the Mediterranean Sea child drwonedIf I could cancel my birthday so I would turn these 27 days into 27 re-born children.

This horrible and tragic event reminds me about Polish people during the Second World War when Poland was occupied by Germans and citizens of Warsaw tried to escape the city underground – through Warsaw’s sewer system.

Warsaw Uprising sewersEven though the road was not as long as crossing the sea, many families just drowned in feces, and those who arrived were too scared to get out of the sewers so they lived there for months !

You should see this amazing movie to check out the story.

This is such a horrible story and maybe one day I will write more about it but for now my mind is focused on those kids that lost their lives looking for helping hand …

I dare to ask You about one thing today.

Don’t wish me happy birthday.

Instead, pray for the kids who are about to cross the sea.

Pray for their survival.

Pray ❤



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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