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One Love, One Land, One Nation. Kurdistan for Life !


True Love

What is it exactly about ?

kuridsh loveHave You ever thought about it ?

How can it master the human minds so easily ?

How this one feeling can change the whole way of our thinking ?

Change our priorities …

Change our way of live …

Like the strongest drug makes us stronger, braver and same time happier and more relaxed.

Like the strongest cure it can turn us from depressed people into happiest ones.

How is it possible that it can rule the whole world and be the biggest desire of all human kind ?

and You …

… have You ever felt the True Love … ?love kurdistan lions

Holding each other hands,

Looking into each other eyes,

Feeling your smell,

Listening to your voice,

Feeling your skin, beating of your heart …

Falling for that person deeper and deeper,

Putting her happiness over yours,

Each second without that person is senseless

kurdish loveHow does it feel ?

You just perfectly match each other. You just complete each other. Everything You do You want to do together. Simple things make you both happy because you share them. All your plans are not important right now. Career, money, traveling. Nothing makes sense if You have to do it alone.

This person is most important for You.

Even more. You are ready to lose your career and your money just to be with this the only one.

How does it feel ?

And in the same time You feel that your the only one is ready to do all of these things for You too. You feel loved. You feel safe. You feel that trees are more green and the sky is more blue.

You don’t want to live without each other.

How does it feel?

How does it feel when one day someone comes and take your the only one from You ?broken

You lost that one person.

You lost the sense of your life.

Your days are empty and dark as a night. You feel depressed and unhappy. You screw your work and life. You can’t feel the taste of her skin. All that you feel is a taste of your own tears. Your heart is broken and soul died.

But how strong is your love ?

Would You look for her ?

If your love is as strong as a love of the Kurds for their own land, you will look for her.

kurdish peshmerga guerillaYou will go to the furthest desert. You will be thirsty with  no drop of water. You will be burning because of the sun, but You will look for her.

You gonna swim the deepest sea. You will be exhausted and hungry. You will be scared to death, but You will look for her.

And when You finally find her, you gonna fight to get her back and could hold her to your chest.

Kurdistan-Workers-Party-PKK-fightersYou gonna live your family, your brothers and sisters, your parents, and You gonna fight for her.

You will fight, even if it means You gonna die. But what is a life without her.

You will fight till the last drop of your blood.

kurdish-fightersjpgYou will fight even the whole world tells you it is totally wrong what you do.

You will fight even the whole world says You are a terrorist or a murderer.

You will fight for Your love.

Believing that You will take her back one day.Kurdish peshmerga fighters take position in Bashiqa, near Mosul.

She will be yours.

Kurdistan will be yours.

You gonna fight for your land.

And You … ?

How deep is your love … ?

Would You fight for your land ?

Biji Kurdistan

kurdish flag



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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