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Fear an ignorant man more than a lion ! Suruç Angels

When the World Trade Center were destroyed

You were screaming my World !

When the young girl was raped on the Florida Beach

You were screaming my World !

When Israeli soldier died

You were screaming my World !

And even when Palestinian citizen was shot

You screamed for banning the Israel my World !

But now what do You do?

turkey let the kurdish forest burns
Turkey let the kurdish forest burns

Why can’t we hear your screaming any more ?

When the whole Land of Kurdistan is burnt ! Each tree, each animal, each field … 

When thousands of young girls, daughters, sisters and wives are raped and killed …

When thousands of soldiers fighting for Kurdistan are murdered

girls raped isis kurdistan turkey
Families are ready to kill their children to save them

When huge masses of citizens are captured, tortured, exterminated ….

When Your children are sold

Why don’t You scream anymore ?

You are my World, my home, my beloved one but …

… why don’t You scream ?

For all of the Suruç martyrs You should be ashamed the World.

For all 30 angels who with the smile died for You.child sale rape girls isis kurdistan

We will have them in our memory as happy people, as birds that made the sky more beautiful, we will hear their song forever …

Why don’t you scream my World ?

Is there anyone who gagged your mouth ?

If you could one by one

count all the leaves in this garden

If you could count all the fish

Little and big

In the flowing river in your front of you

yazidi woman rape girl kurdistan isis

If you could one by one count

The migratory birds

during their migration season  

From the north to south

and from the south to north,

I would also promise to count

one by one

All the victims of this beloved land of Kurdistan!




My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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