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Turkish – Kurdish brotherhood. The story of Cain and Abel. Syrian refugees as the shame of Turkish government

Turkey !

My dearest Friend !

The only one that “claims” to be my dearest Friend

The only one that “claims” to love me with no conditions

the one that “claims” it straight into my eyes

Don’t you try to stick a knife in my back while kissing my eyes …. ?

“If you want to know about the Turkish government, be a Kurd for one hour.”

Whenever I write something about Turkey, whenever I “dare” to write something about Turkey, almost all my Turkish friends, who lived here in Poland, get really upset.
They try so hard to convince me that what I do is really bad because I try to break the strong relationship between the Kurds and the Turks in Turkey.

They were so convincing that I started to think “hmm well maybe really my writing is wrong”, but then one question came into my head “Why not even one Kurd wrote to me and said same things that Turks tried to sell me”.

Why the Kurds don’t try to convince me about strong Kurdish – Turkish relation.

Well I found only one answer.

cain and abel brothers
Cain and Abel

Is the propaganda in Turkey that strong that even its citizens try to tell the whole world that all Kurds and Turks in Turkey are beloved brothers. That they love each other and live in peaceful harmony?

Whenever I start to speak about Turkish crimes against the Kurds, I hear from the Turkish side

“Stop! Don’t you know we are brothers! Nobody would harm one another!”

Well Cain and Abel were brothers too, weren’t they?

What I think is that the Turkish side wants only to make us blind and think

“oh OK they are brothers, i should not say that Turkish Government killed the Kurds, because it is impossible that brother kills the other brother”.

Syrian refugees run away as Turkish soldiers use water cannon to move them away from the Turkish border.

Doesn’t that sound like a great propaganda?

Whenever I ask about Kurdish language be educational one in each Turkish university, I hear

“Only the separatists would like to educate themselves in Kurdish, real Kurds love Turkish language”.

Does not sound like a great propaganda?

Then whenever I come up with an idea that this is not fair because the Kurds are the separate nation, as the answer I get

“what nation? whoever lives in Turkey is Turkish, and Kurds don’t want themselves to call them Kurdish because they have lived with us for years and they feel happy here”.

Finally when I ask the hardest question, about free Kurdish State, most of my Turkish friends answer:

“But what State? The Kurds feel free and happy with us in Turkey and they don’t want to live somewhere else. The Kurdish and Turkish people leave in the same country which is called Turkey officially. They have lived in the same region for 700 years, and are still living and they will live together in Turkey which is a country where everybody is 100% equal no matter what origin they have and what religion they believe, and what color they are. Kurdish people are our brothers and sisters, our country is their country, which is only called Turkey”.

If you support a country (kürdistan) which does not exist, you only hurt or damage the people living peacefully in Turkey”.

Well the whole world saw last days in Kobane how big friends, brothers and sisters You are.

isis refugees kurds syrian border turkish soldiers
ISIS fighters laughing at the Turkish Army

ISIS was just laughing straight at face of Turkish Army. Kurdish people were murdered by ISIS on the eyes of Turkish soldiers. Just 10 or 15 meters next to them.

Turkish soldiers saw Kurdish children crying, heard women screaming for help, all of the refugees begging for opening a Turkish-Syrian border.

Those soldiers had ISIS fighters just 15 meters from their eyes.

Couldn’t they shoot?

Couldn’t they open the border?

isis refugees kurds syrian border turkish soldiers
Turkish soldiers watching Syrian refugees among ISIS

Mr. Erdogan I am calling to You that You are responsible for this massacre!
Turkey SUPPORTS the ISIS and we should not be afraid of saying it.

Turkey helped the ISIS fighters to get to Syria.

Turkey helps people from all over the world to join ISIS by Turkish border.

But the world, doing nothing about that, also supports the ISIS.

We should not be afraid of those who do bad, but mostly we should be scared of those who do not react to that.



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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