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And you call me a terrorist for fighting back ? Free Abdullah Öcalan ! We Love you APO !

” You invade my land

You kill my family

You bomb my house

You rape our women

You kill our children

And you call me a terrorist for fighting back ? “

Almost most of the world still considers PKK as a terrorist group: European Union, NATO, Turkey, USA …

female kurdish guerrilla
Female Kurdish Guerrilla

OK, I understand that PKK took part in armed conflict with Turkey BUT Turkish militants did as much (or even more) as the Kurdish fighters and still why don’t we call Turkish militants as terrorist group ?

The Turkish explanation is always one and the same “The Kurds attacked us”.

Hmmm, but Hey ! Turkish government ! Would You like to tell us You did nothing against the Kurds and they with no reason have attacked You ?

Didn’t You break any Kurdish Human Rights?



First Kurdish woman in Turkish parliament. She was sentenced to 15 years. Reason? She made a speech in the parliament in Kurdish and she admitted she is a Kurd, not a “mountain Turk”, as it was requested for the Kurds to introduce themselves. Of course she was called as “terrorist”.


Mutlu Kaya
Mutlu Kaya

And she ? What has she done to be shot in head just a few days ago ? She just took part in Talent TV Show in Turkey.

Just after the declaration of the Republic of Turkey, Turkish government started its policy of eliminating all non-Turkish elements, which You can guess were the Kurds and Armenians.

In 1930 the Turkish Minister of Justice declared, ” I won’t hide my feelings. The Turk is the only lord, the only master of this country. Those who are not of pure Turkish origin will have only one right in Turkey: the right to be servants and slaves.”

I wonder what would You do, You Turkish man, You American, You Italian, French and anyone else if one day your language is forbidden. If one day schools of your children are closed and for example You have to speak and study in German ? If You could spend years in prison when You only mention that You are American, Turk, Italian. Wouldn’t You fight for your identity ? Wouldn’t You fight for your land ? Your culture ? Your life ?

I know I would and I support the Kurdish fight for its identity.

polish home army
Polish Home Army

I know I would because Polish people had the same fight and the same problem with the world when it considered Polish Home Army as terrorist group, and it was during the Second World War.

Also Polish language was forbidden.

People could spend years in prison or be sentenced to death for speak Polish in Poland or even read Polish books or listen to illegal Polish radio. We were forced to speak German or Russian and classes in each school were carried out in Russian or German.

Polish Home Army fought for Polish dignity, freedom and independence. We had also Polish Guerrilla Fighters who we are proud of.

The Kurds are not terrorists !

Maybe that is why I understand the Kurdish situation much better and I try to explain it as easiest as I can and as much as I can I support the movement of freeing the Abdullah Öcalan.

He should be the “idol” of our times.

Ocalan pkk
Ocalan with PKK

The Great Leader of PKK. After years of fighting for Kurdish Freedom and trying to reveal Turkish crimes against the Kurds he was caught in Nairobi near to Greek embassy and taken to Turkey with the help of CIA. Over there the trial took place and he was sentenced to death. It was in 1999 and after some years Turkey wanted so much to join European Union so the government abolished the death penalty.

He was transported to the island in the Sea of Marmara to spend his years, totally alone in the prison. Can You imagine that over 1 000 Turkish soldiers stayed on the island to guard him! After 10 years of living in a total solitude, the European Union forced Turkey to build new prison and transfer some more prisoners to Öcalan so he will not stay alone. Moreover, the Turkey has been accused of breaking human rights by giving Öcalan not good enough remedy to appeal and no fair trial.

Till now Öcalan is in that prison but he is not silent. From time to time he is allowed to send a letter to his people and not long time ago he called for withdrawal of PKK fighters from Turkish territory.


We Love you APO !


My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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