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Woman is your Queen ! You are her fortress. Kurdish Princess Ferînaz Xosrewanî !

The last event was like a knife in my heart, rotating many times to the left and to the right.

A beautiful, young woman killed herself. Killed herself to save her dignity and honor. Killed herself because she preferred to die fighting than living on her knees.

It gives me sleepless nights, but for her pain and fear, the whole world should be sleepless for years. But even bigger pain gives me the fact that this world does nothing !

Nothing for the Women of Iran ! And Iran is a member of United Nations !

How is that possible ! What a shame on You United Nations ! What a shame ! If this happened in a country that could give you any profits, I bet you would give a huge answer to Iran many years ago.

Mister Bush had no doubts to “invade” Iraq, so where is the Great America right now.

Ferînaz Xosrewanî
Ferînaz Xosrewanî

Ferînaz Xosrewanî was a young girl working in one of the Iranian hotels in the city Mahabad. How horrible it sounds when I have to write about her “she Was”.

The hotel’s owner really wanted to increase the range of his hotel and make it 5 stars one. This is only possible after an approval of the Iranian authorities. The problem is that the Iranian authorities should Never Ever be anyone’s authorities ! One of the officers offered a great deal for one more star for this hotel. This deal was Ferinaz. The owner had to organize a meeting for the officer, in one of the hotel’s rooms, where Ferinaz supposed to wait for him. And that’s what the owner did. He locked that pretty girl in the room and she could hear the voices of the officer and the owner.

Her mind went crazy and she already knew what is going on to happen.

Then she made a decision that electrified the whole world !

She jumped out of the window of the hotel’s room. From the 4th floor. And she died.

My question is Why ?

woman stoned iran
Woman buried chest high

Why we wait till something painful happen and then we start to speak about it ! We – the people who, right now, are sitting in the warm, huge houses. The people that have enough to eat, have a place to sleep. The people that don’t know the fear of being raped, killed, beaten.

Look at today’s teenagers. Do they see the world beyond their phones ?

Ferinaz is not the only one woman that suffered in Iran. It happens in Iran every single day that a woman’s life is treated as a zero. Maybe she just has started the huge movement of the women all over the world.

And we, women, should not wait for any authorities approval. We should take our fate in our hands, even though I know that Iranian women fight the most and they are hanged, stoned, buried chest high or again raped. We are the power and the future of this world. We are its neck and its heart. We give it the beauty and the wisdom. We give birth to each person walking on the Earth.

We are the power !

Reyhaneh Jabbari
Reyhaneh Jabbari – her last speech to mother

Reyhaneh Jabbari. One more lady killed by Iranian regime. She was hanged just because she defended herself against torturer who wanted to rape her. He died, but in every civilized country she would not be sentenced to death ! And I say once again, Iran is UN member.

Iran was a totally different country before 1979.iran before 1979 It was a land of freedom. Women could even wear short skirts. The country was colorful and happy. iran before the revolutionIn 1979 the Islamic Iranian Revolution started and Ruhollah Khomeini started to rule Iran and the whole land changed to the one we can see today.

” Women ! You are foolish to pretend You are equal to men, You are far superior and always have been ! “

Think twice before next time You say ” woman is the weaker sex “.

To the honor and dignity of each woman suffering in the world.

To each Kurdish lady who was killed in Iran not only for being a woman but also for being Kurdish woman.

We are the strongest ones !

Biji My Ladies ❤

freedom for women



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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