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The Kurdish role … ? We remember and we gonna speak for You ! To the memory of the Armenian Genocide !

100 years.

Armenian Genocide.

This topic is now presented in TV, radio, internet every single day. Everybody speaks about it. Many discussions are held. But I think, I have a small problem with that,  because in my opinion, about 80% of speakers don’t really know a thing about Armenian Genocide nor about their history and they say the Kurds are responsible. They just repeat what they have heard somewhere and they don’t even check it. This is really bad because this majority misguide the people from the whole world.

So let’s start from the very beginning.

Kurdish Kingdoms of Corduene

Long time ago, around 400 BC, there was a state called Corduene. Some consider it as an Ancient Kurdistan, but for sure it was filled with Kurds, who were called Heart Owners. This state was incorporated into the Kingdom of Armenia around 90 BC. After some time, the Roman Republic took control over it, but again in 384 it was a part of Armenia being its vassal.

Armenian Empire

Both nations were totally different. Most of the Armenians were Christians, and Kurdish majority was Muslim. Some of the Armenians, however, converted into Islam, because Muslims had favorable status during the time of Turkish rule. Those who converted, slowly assimilated into Kurdish life. They found friendship and understanding and lived peacefully in same villages for ages. Everything was just perfect. No conflicts.

Hemidieh cavalry
Hemidieh cavalry

The problem started when Turkey (Ottoman Empire) begun conflict with Russia. It was around 1890. Russia wanted to have Armenia for itself to get to the waters of Mediterranean Sea. Turkey get scared so it found an idea. Sultan Abdul Hamid II created a small irregular cavalry – Hemidieh, which was ruled by Ottoman Empire. Tribal Kurdish men get suddenly really high positions and their life changed dramatically for much better. Remember, there was no Kurdish State yet, so Kurds could not rule these forces. They were under Turkish command.

Contrasted to high Kurdish positions, Armenian peasants were oppressed and used by Turkish liege lords. They were Turkish serfs. They were sold as a property.

Armenian struggle for autonomy started in 1894 and that was something that Turkey did not want to hear about so a lot of massacres begun.

And here the hot discussion takes place in the whole world. Did Kurds murder Armenians ?

Selahattin Demirtas recognizing Armenian Genocide
Selahattin Demirtas recognizing Armenian Genocide

First of all, the Kurds recognize the Armenian Genocide, which Turkey does not want to do for a long time and this is totally unacceptable.

Second of all, as You know, the population of the Kurds is around 40 million. The tribes that were organised by Turkey and pushed to kill constituted maximum 0,01% of the whole population !

One more important thing is that there was no Kurdish state in that time. Kurds did not have a right to rule themselves. They were under the command of Turkey. And even though there was a death sentence for hiding, protecting, saving Armenians, the Kurds saved a lot of lives. They helped Armenians to run out of Ottoman Empire, they protected them, very often they adopted Armenian children ! Karapete Xaco, he was that child, adopted and raised by Kurdish family. He was one of the most important musicians for Kurdish music.

Karapete Xaco musician
Karapete Xaco

I don’t understand why the world focuses on 0,01 % while everybody should focus on that 99,99 % who said NO to Armenian Genocide and sacrificed their own lives to save people who were mostly strangers for them.

The situation with Kurdish tribes was not black or white. They were forced by Turkey to attack deporting Armenians who were trying to get out of Ottoman Empire to Russia. Each Muslim of Ottoman Empire were involved, or to say it better, were FORCED to take part in that genocide. Not only the Kurds. There were also Tatars, Azeris, Lezgis and Chechens together with Turks. There were everyone who actually was under the Ottoman rule. If someone were recruited in Turkish army, they just had to do a command, if not, You definitely know what could happen with this kind of soldiers and their families.

For me this is 100% sure that Ottoman government and army used very radical methods to force Kurds to fight. I can only imagine how Ottomans put Kurdish families into mental game, how they use those families as an argument.  This is horrible but I am sure that these were not the only methods.

I understand it pretty well just because, once again, we had same situation in Poland.

During the Polish – Jewish Genocide, during the 2nd World War we had really many similar situations.

jews poland poles
Poles – Jews

First of all, Poland was treated very differently then other countries ruled by Germans. In Poland there was a death penalty if anyone were hiding, helping, feeding, saving any Jew. In other countries such as France, this problem did not exist, no hard repressions as in Poland. Situation in my country was very specific.

During the Warsaw Uprising, there were some forces which contained only Ukrainians and they helped Germans to kill Poles. Do we say that Ukrainians exterminated Poles, Jews and so on?


That is the point. Each country has good and bad people but we cannot judge a nation by 0,01% of its people. That was Germans who used those weak Ukrainians.

ukrainian auxiliary police
Ukrainian Auxiliary Police

They also used them in concentration camps in Poland. Yes. Ukrainians helped SS in those camps, but me, myself, I don’t think that Ukrainians are guilty of this extermination, because they were ruled by Germans.

I have one more example which is even more cruel. Well, during this horrible time, even Poles were killing Poles. This was a very, very, very, rare but it happened. There was a small group of Poles who was able to kill their neighbors just to get their house or land and become richer. But do we say that Poles exterminated Jews? No ! We can’t say that !

Actually Poland right now has a small problem with the President of FBI, James Comey, who said that Germany together with Poland and Hungary is responsible for the Holocaust. One more example of a person speaking about things they have no idea about ! So disrespectful !

fbi president
FBI President

Same thing about the Kurds and Armenian Genocide. People who say lot of rubbish about it are just not educated.

The biggest extermination took place in Poland. And still many Americans, even Jewish Americans, don’t know where Poland is located or even more they don’t understand why most important museum, Jewish Historical Institute, is located in Warsaw. That is sad but on the other hand i understand why they don’t know those things. I think the biggest reason is that their families, which survived Holocaust, didn’t want to speak about it. Even the word “POLAND” was forbidden.

And still the biggest problem in recognition has Turkey. This is an absurd. Turkey spent 1 000 000 dollars to burn the documents proving Armenian Genocide. The burning was done in Egypt, in Institut d’Egypte in December 2011. That says a lot !tukey burns documents egypt

I really encourage You to read a lot and to speak a lot about those events, to increase your knowledge, because knowledge is the power and with our knowledge we can educate the world, and if the world will be educated nothing like these events gonna happen again !

Biji Kurdistan !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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