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Freedom has a Price ! Kurdish – Polish Spring.

Roj Bash All my friends !

Many of you ask me why I am interested in Kurdistan so much.

I don’t think I am interested in Kurdistan but more I LOVE KURDISTAN and THE KURDS. I admire the Kurds and their fight for freedom. It is strange to describe but I feel their feelings, I think their thoughts, I have the same heart beating. Why? Maybe because the history of my country is so similar to Kurdish one. And for me personally, all the history my nation went through, is still alive in my heart like it almost happened yesterday.

That is why I feel so much respect for You my Kurdish Friends ! I love that You are so brave ! Makes me feel proud of You and each day I pray to God to give You even more power and patience.

Do you remember the Arab Spring?

Do you remember the beginning of ISIS?

Do you remember all the Kurds fights?

Do you remember all the Kurdish Uprisings and how the Kurds have been slain by governments?

In Poland we also had this kind of Spring or Uprising.

No, I don’t mean the 2nd World War.

Not many really realize but this Polish Spring took place around only 30 years ago. It is a very fresh history for us.

poland flag bloodAfter 2nd World War, when more then 6000000 people were killed, the Red Army took over control of the entire Poland and started extermination of all Polish intelligence and high-ranking military. The Katyn massacre was a part of this plan.

Even though Polish government was created, it was still ruled by Communist USRR. The condition of Poland was really bad. By the beginning of 80’s society started to rebel. Workers from whole country created a Trade Union called SOLIDARITY. There was around 10 000 000 of members !

The government get scared and 13.12.1981 introduced martial law and army began to rule the country. Even darker days came to Poland.policy poland gdansk

Tanks were everywhere. People were killed each day. Army and police had no resistance to shoot people in broad daylight. You could go to work by early morning and never come back home. Society was terrified. Students were often killed just because they were too smart. Government cared so much to keep society stupid.

Opposition activists were arrested and tortured and many were killed.

Lack of phones. No communication. All letters were read by politicians and they decided if this letter can be sent or not. Almost everything was censored. Nobody could freely walk the streets between 22 o’clock and 6 o’clock. Schools and universities were closed. No one could leave the country.

communism queueShops were totally empty. People had to stay in long queues, even whole day, just to buy a toilet paper.

The world of absurd.

I live in Gdansk and for me the most cruel time of this period was December 1970. Between 14th  and 22nd December  the workers’ protests took place in Poland.

The main reason of protests were incredible price increase. If something cost 50 euro, from now on the price was around 70. Almost impossible to stand for Polish people with so low wages.poland army fight

On the 14th December, Monday, workers refused to come to work to Gdansk Shipyard. Day by day other groups joined the protests. Chaos was everywhere !

On the 17th December, Thursday, the most bloody event happened. In the early morning people tried to go back to work. When they came to Shipyard they met army and police over there.

They didn’t know that army will start shooting them. They were sure that army is there to protect them or only take care if they really come to work. Army and police, however, started to shoot people with no warning. They even used tanks against defenseless workers. People started to run away but most of them were not so lucky.

dead body gdanskThey took bodies of dead colleges and carried them through the whole city straight to the center of Gdansk just to show the whole society what happened in Shipyard because the government could easily mute the affair. While they walked through Gdansk, the army helicopters shot again many of them. Unscrupulous.

In Polish history this day is called THE BLACK THURSDAY.

It cost us a lot.

It cost many of us.

But the most important is that we won and today we are an independent nation !

So I Wish For YOU My Kurdish Flowers !

If You only have some time I recommend You this amazing movie which will squeez your tears!




My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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