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The Kurdish role … ? We remember and we gonna speak for You ! To the memory of the Armenian Genocide !

100 years.

Armenian Genocide.

This topic is now presented in TV, radio, internet every single day. Everybody speaks about it. Many discussions are held. But I think, I have a small problem with that,  because in my opinion, about 80% of speakers don’t really know a thing about Armenian Genocide nor about their history and they say the Kurds are responsible. They just repeat what they have heard somewhere and they don’t even check it. This is really bad because this majority misguide the people from the whole world.

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Kurdish Chances for Independent Country …

Today in Gdansk, Poland, we had a very interesting meeting with incredible persons. The meeting took place at one of our universities – Higher School of Banking (Wyzsza Szkola Bankowa WSB). The aim of meeting was to discuss very popular topic nowadays

“Kurdish chances for independent country”.

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Kurdish Bravehearts ! The future of Kurdistan !

When most of us focus on present events, I am thinking about how the Kurdish future can look like in 1, 5 or 10 years?

There are not many authorities or experts to ask them about the opinion, but with some help of my friends, I got the video with interview with, I can surely say, the biggest authority on Kurdistan and the Kurds.

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Freedom has a Price ! Kurdish – Polish Spring.

Roj Bash All my friends !

Many of you ask me why I am interested in Kurdistan so much.

I don’t think I am interested in Kurdistan but more I LOVE KURDISTAN and THE KURDS. I admire the Kurds and their fight for freedom. It is strange to describe but I feel their feelings, I think their thoughts, I have the same heart beating. Why? Maybe because the history of my country is so similar to Kurdish one. And for me personally, all the history my nation went through, is still alive in my heart like it almost happened yesterday.

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