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Newroz Piroz Be !

 The 21st of March



Lot of Love to ALL of you my friends, Love and Freedom, because the Wisdom you already possess !

mesopotamiaMany centuries ago, there was a land between Euphrates and Tigris, called Mesopotamia. As you read mu article about Kurdish history, you already know that the Kurds have lived there also. There was a small town in Mesopotamia. This town was located near to Zagros Mountains. Just over there was a huge castle cut out of the mountain rock. “The castle gates were made from the wood of the cedar tree and carved into the shapes of winged warriors”.

This castle was a house for very cruel Assyrian king DEHAK. His soldiers terrorized the people of Mesopotamia every single day. Previous king was totally different. He was a good person caring about his people. He helped them to irrigate the land and keep their fields fertile. They could eat fresh fruits, herbs, nuts and bread.


All things started to get wrong during king Jemished’s rules. He thought himself above the gods. In this time a spirit Ahriman the Evil took a chance to take over control. He chose DEHAK to take the throne. Jemished was killed. Ahriman fed DEHAK with blood. One evening during a dinner the Spirit was asked to kiss king’s shoulder and so he did. At the same time two giant black snakes appeared on  the king’s shoulders. Whenever the snakes were hungry, DEHAK felt a huge pain which could only be stopped when the snakes were fed with the brains of young boys and girls.

Since that day the sun refused to shine. The crops, trees and flowers withered. Peacocks, partridges and even eagles had flown away. All was dark,cold and bleak. Everyone became so unhappy and terrified.

Just below the castle lived a blacksmith. He made iron shoes for wild horses of Mesopotamia. He was named KAWA.

kawa asinger
Kawa Asinger

He and his family hated DEHAK because he had already taken 16 of his 17 children. Every single day during his job he dreamed of getting rid of the king. As he banged his hammer on the anvil and the red and yellow sparks flew up into the dark sky like fireworks, people could see it for miles around.

The order for the last KAWA’s daughter came. Her brain should be eaten. He had no idea how to save his baby. The next morning he packed his two metal buckets and rode his horse straight to the castle. Just outside the caste he emptied the contents of the metal buckets into the large wooden bucket. This bucket was lifted by two guards and taken into the castle. The brains were fed to the two hungry snakes.

KAWA got back home. His wife was kneeling. He gently lifted her velvet cloak and saw his daughter. He swept back her black hair from her face and kissed her cheek. He sacrificed a sheep instead.

Soon all the people heard of this. Whenever DEHAK demanded a child’s brain, they did the same. Children were saved but they should be hidden so they traveled to the highest mountains where no one could find them. The grew up in freedom surrounded by Zagros Mountains. They learnt how to survive, ride wild horses, hunt, fish, sing and dance.

KAWA taught them how to fight, so one day they could come back to their homeland and save their people.Iraqi Kurds celebrate the first day of spring

After some time, the KAWA’s army was ready to go. As they drew near DEHAK’s castle both men and women joined them. The army had grown to many thousands.

It was the year of 612 BC, the 21st of March, just outside the castle they stopped. KAWA faced the castle and raised his hammer towards the gates, which were soon smashed down by the crowd. DEHAK’s men were quickly overpowered. KAWA run to DEHAK’s chambers. He killed the king with his hammer and cut off his head.

newrozHe climbed to the top of the mountain and lit a large bonfire to tell all the people of Mesopotamia that they were free !

The fired burned higher and higher and the people sang and danced around in circles holding hands with their shoulders bobbing up and down in the rhythm with the flute and drum!

HAPPY NEWROZ ! To everyone who celebrates it !

I love you all and God Bless You !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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