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The Greatest Youth of Kurdistan ! Rebin Asaad. Iraqi National Team Player

Some of You might wonder why I write all of these things here.

Where are the news from the war fronts?

Well, I don’t want to feed You with information of another victorious or lost battle.
I don’t want to count the amount of dead and wounded.
I don’t want to spread the news of which troops joined the fight.

I don’t want to write about WAR.

We are already Overfilled with all of these in every TV station, each website and radio station.

dal kurd ffIdea of my writing is to teach people about the Kurds and Kurdistan – to proclaim their good name. I want to share the good news. I want to write about the Kurdish Youth, their achievements, Kurdish culture, music and customs. I want to write about Kurdish cuisine, economy and development.

The more people gonna understand who is fighting over there, the more they gonna understand their reasons, and in my opinion, it will be easier for them to see the right side.

Knowledge is the key.

sweden kurdistanIn the 1980’s, Sweden accepted a huge amount of Kurdish refugees from Iran who fled the country because of the war against Iraq and Islamic government in Tehran. in the 1990’s, the Kurds from Iraq started to arrive because of increasing oppression from the regime of Saddam Hussein.

I can definitely say that many lives were saved at that time. What do refugees families and their children now in Sweden? Many of saved Kurds worked hard for a new life, starting everything from zero, and many of them could be an example to intimate for any European or American kid.

rebin asaad

One of them is a young boy named Rebin. He lives in Sweden and his family is one of the refugees.

Life was hard for them but with hard work, belief and much of love for eachother they went it through.

Rebin is 20 years old and he can join the National Team of Iraq for the Olympics in 2016. CONGRATULATIONS !

All the Kurds can be proud of him as well as his family.

Wish You Luck !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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