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Shake it off and smile ! It will give the Kurds much more power !

Yes, I know there is a war.

Yes, I know people die every single minute.

Yes, I know that TV, radio and Internet is full of bad news. And we instinctively feel ourselves bad and sad. We think that if people there cry, we should not dare to smile.

And I understand this kind of behavior. I feel it myself. But then the question comes to my mind. Will it help them in any way that I will sit home sad and depressed? Will it change anything?

I know it is horrible pain when we sit here and feel useless. But in my opinion we should not despair. Smile instead and get into actions !

Instead I prefer to stay reasonable, even though it is very hard because I know how much anger You can feel, but to give a proper help we need to think properly.

I also think that sending weapons to the Kurds is not enough. I want to help in different way. I want to spread good words about Kurdistan and the Kurds. I want to show how intelligent and beautiful people they are. I like to share their music, talents, poetry. I want to show the whole world how wonderful the Kurdish people are. And I want to strengthen the Kurds by introducing all to the culture and customs of Kurdistan.

The one of the greatest singers for me.


He makes me smile every single day and this song makes me think a lot about love, the pure love that everyone looks for.


Smile a lot ! Because with your positive power You can build much more than with tears!

I am crazy about this dance 🙂

poem kurdish young bash haruty
Bash Haruty

I have also received some nice poems from You my friends and I think they deserve to be published as a sign of the Kurdish youth talents 🙂 I love them a lot. SOPAS !

“What is a Queen? Is she a woman with power? Or a political symbol? What makes a woman a queen is she crowned or does she inherited her position?

In my personal opinion a crown doesn’t make you a queen and neither does the blood line. A queen is a symbol of all the goodness in humans, all the kindness and gentleness, a symbol of the strength women has and equally amongst humans. A queen is simply crowned by her action, like your self who stands up for the weak and needy(Kurdish refugees). Sympathises with us kurds. Your strength will encourage weak people, you give them hope and strength. You are a role model and every celebrity should Learn from your actions. You actions shows that no matter who you are and where you are you can help and give aid in the darkest places where it seems impossible(Kurdistan). It takes breviary to do what you do standing up and showing sympathy and you do it well so have no doubt that your making our world a much better place.

You have my greatest gratitude for your hard work and effort show my people and my country Kurdistan. You have gratitude for everything your done for the world especially the weak and needy. I’m standing by you in every way I can beacuse its my dream and goal to make our world a better place.”

Zirre Darmody



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

2 thoughts on “Shake it off and smile ! It will give the Kurds much more power !

    1. Thank u Amy so much :* i really appreciate that I have a contact with u! My biggest dream is to havr the possibility to visit u there and help as much as I can ! Your website is amazing!!!!! SOPAS :*


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