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Fight for the truth even though many will hate you for that !

It all has started very innocently in 2010.

I began to write only to gather information for my friends so they could read about Kurdistan, all in one place. I had no idea that my words will be so meaningful 4 years later and will be spread around the world!

I am aware that sometimes my posts are very risky, but I do take the risk !

For all of you my Kurdish friends, because I take it as my duty to rise voice and just speak for you, defend your honor in some way.


Some of the people warned me, that my post can be a bit dangerous.

But again, I do take the risk.

Turkey reminds me today about Russia and its behavior towards Poland. Both of these countries want to “clean” the history. Both of them did, or are still doing, crimes against humanity. Don’t forget about Armenian genocide.

We, Polish people, had the same problem. Russia did not want to admit to the things it has done, even though the whole world knew it is true.

1940 – Massacre of Polish officers in Katyn Forest

That year, the series of mass executions was carried out by the Soviet secret police.

It was the largest execution of country’s intelligentsia – around 22 000 husbands, sons and brothers. Of course, Soviets claimed that the victims were murdered by the Nazis.

It took Russia over 50 years to finally say the truth and admit to the crime.

If You heard about Polish presidential plane crash, You have to know that the landing place was exactly KATYN.



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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