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Poland and Kurdistan. So distant – so much in common !

Even though our countries are placed so far away from each other we have so much in common. I am so proud of Kurdish victories, one by one and I wish that the history of building and fighting for Poland will be an inspiration for You and a lesson that shows that what You want – free Kurdistan – is totally possible !

Especially the history of both countries is so similar. In present Kurdistan I can see the picture of Poland about 120 years ago.

It is unbelievable. I also thought that people know a bit about Polish history, but no, they don’t, and even more, most of them are pretty shocked that Poland and Kurdistan have similar story.

My aim is to show You that, what Kurds fight for today, is not something impossible. It is not someone’s too big imagination. It is exactly something that other countries already went through – for example my land Poland.

I hope that Polish history will be a great inspiration and motivation for You my Kurdish brothers and sisters.


The Polish Empire at its maximum extent 1619
The Polish Empire at its maximum extent 1619

First of all, You need to know that, long time ago, Poland was much bigger country with much bigger power in Europe.

Between 1569 and 1795 my country was called as Polish Empire or Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and were really huge. It was one of the largest countries in that time in Europe, ruled by a monarch who was both the king of Poland and the grand duke of Lithuania.

Unfortunately, the Polish Empire was reduced in the First Partition of Poland in 1772 and disappeared from the map after the Third Partition of Poland in 1795. Poland was also out of map just like our brother –  Kurdistan.

And believe me, not even one country wanted Polish people to have their own country. Not even one country helped us, we had to became the Russians, the Germans, the Austrians. But we fought, we fought so hard.

Many died, too many, but here – we are back !


Poland after the first partition
Poland after the First Partition

They year 1772 came and the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Austrian Empire robbed our lands from us. Poland lost 211 000 km²  and 4 500 000 of its  people.

Poland after the second partition 1793
Poland after the Second Partition 1793

The Second Partition in 1793 destroyed the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This time only the Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia got benefits from sharing Polish lands. A beautiful city that I live in right now, Gdansk (Danzig), became a part of the Kingdom of Prussia. We have lost about 300 000 km².

third partition of poland1795 – The Third Partition of Poland and the last one. After that, Poland disappeared from the map.

The Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Austrian Empire took it all.

They took our country, did not let us speak Polish, destroyed our cultural heritage. The only languages we could speak was Russian or German.

Just as the Kurds were not allowed to use Kurdish language in Turkey, same we were not allowed and people died just for admitting they are Polish. Polish itself could not exist. Our invaders worked so much to kill a piece of “Polishness” inside of us.

But they did not manage !


poland in 1918
Independent Poland 1918

After 123 years of slavery, we took our lands back.

In 1914 the 1st World War broke out. No other war had changed the map of Europe so dramatically. In 1918, Poland got its independence !

This means that Poland is quite young country which exists again on the map of the world only for only almost 100 years !

We also had a wonderful army, just like Peshmerga – Armia Krajowa.

It is really worth to read about our soldiers who gave their hearts to fight for independent Poland – like Peshmerga do now for Kurdistan.

Even more Armia Krajowa was many times called as terrorists by the Germans, just like the world calls now PKK.

Then, in 1939 the 2nd World War broke out and we all know how it went.

After this war, in 1945, Polish land has been formed in the shape that we can see today on the map.

This is really a history in a nutshell. I encourage You read more about Polish history which is very interesting. I hope that You will grab a book and try to know more details.

BIJI Kurdistan !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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