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The luxury of Kurdistan! Exclusive Villages in Erbil.

Welcome in a new Dubai !

Today I would like to show You the side of Kurdistan that not many really realize can exist.

Many of my friends already have a specified picture of Kurdistan.

Poor land, in the middle of a desert, with camels and goats everywhere, Bedouins living in tents, a few places with water and not really much electricity, where bombs explode every hour.

There is no more peaceful place in the world than Erbil – Hawler.

kurdistan erbil luxury.jpg

If You only knew that Erbil, Kurdish capital, is probably more developed than Your home city 🙂

Americans started to invest in Kurdish lands, mostly in Erbil, a long time ago.

They built here some luxury neighborhoods of single-family bungalows. Whole investment is finished and almost all of the villas are sold.

Malibu, Miami, LA ….. now it is time for Erbil !


“A taste of America with incomparable local charm, and discover the best place to live in Kurdistan. The Khanzad American Village offers a unique investment opportunity in safe, tranquil and beautiful surroundings. The Khanzad American Village’s choice location is strategically in one of the most promising areas of Kurdistan, a country with incredible potential. This ambitious project of luxurious villas, embraced by the fabled Kurdish mountains, is inspired by the architectural style of the American East Coast. Experience East mixing with West, and the interweaving of comfort and modernity.”

Welcome in a new Dubai !

malibu villas erbil kurdistan

Try to not fall from a chair !

Watch  a short interview about villages and prices of the houses!

There is also Italian, Canadian, British and German Village.
All were built in the area which is run by the Kurds and defended by them.
There is no Arabic influence and the Arabs are not allowed to own any land there.

american villas kurdistan



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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