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A tea with a Turk. The Turkish point of view. Independent Kurdistan.

I realize that this post can create a huge discussion.

I know that it can be a little bit controversial. But I do take a risk.

I would like to copy here a long statement of my Turkish friend and I think it is a great chance to show the Turkish way of thinking, their point of view.

I will not comment this speech. I want to leave it for You. I want to cause a little bit of discussion and I would like You to have your own opinion about what You are about to read here :

“Hi just seen your sympathy about Kurdish related posting – I wanted to comment from here to respect your privacy and sharing. just to let you know that Kurdish and Turkish people leave in same country which is called Turkey officially, and they don’t leave only now together they are living in same geography 700 years, and still living and they will live together in Turkey which is a country everybody 100% equal from where origins they come and what religion they believe, and what colour they are..Kurdish people are our brother and sisters, our country their country is ours, which is only called Turkey, the country was created by Turkish, Kurdish and many other origins which is living peacefully in Turkey right now. So supporting a country(kürdistan) not exists can only hurt or damage the people living peacefully in Turkey. Just wanted to share my ideas as a Turkish..Turkish -Kurdish we are all same family in one country lived 700 years and will not let anybody ,any groups to destroy this peaceful country.

Even there will be a country Kurdistan it can be only mentioned for a region in Iraq where Kurdish people live as well.. But not in Turkey as they have already a country there..

And turkish government and army never let anybody to destroy this relationship, democracy between all citizens of Turkey including Kurdish, Greek, Armenian, Arabs, etc..

Coz every citizenship has equal rights and has already a country for 700 years (100 Turkey +600 ottoman time)

If sb support Kurdistan in Iraq that might be understandable as there are always war, but if sb support any region in Turkey, these are only some groups want to destroy our peaceful country where Kurdish Turkish people live equally and where they speak their own languages and believe and live however they want freely -equally..

Hope that info was useful and I didn’t say sth wrong -just wanted share my ideas and how it is in Turkey. Thank you.”

Just a small word for the end.


Imprisoned for 10 years for her political activism, for speaking in Kurdish in the Turkish Parliament after making the oath, accused of acting against the unity of Turkey.

With love. Katia



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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