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Triage. Movie about Kurdistan and Kurdish pain.

“No man’s land”

Today I would like to recommend You a great movie about war in Kurdistan.

The story is based on Scott Anderson’s novel.

“Tormented by a mystery”

“It is about two best friends who are photo journalists. They make photos of wars all over the world. In the spring of 1988, they’re in Kurdistan waiting for an offensive. David’s had enough – he wants to go home to Dublin to his pregnant wife. He leaves, with Mark (Colin Farrell) promising to follow in a few days. When Mark gets back home, he seems like a different person, gaunt and unable to relax. Elena (Paz Vega)can’t get Mark to talk about what he saw that left him so traumatized, so she invites her father Joaquin (Christopher Lee), a veteran psychoanalyst with military experience, for a visit to see if he can help. But as Joaquin struggles to get Mark to open up, the father’s presence ignites an old conflict between him and Elena; the doctor was a supporter of Franco during the Spanish Civil War and served under the dictator’s regime, and Elena has never been able to forgive him for his actions against the Spanish loyalists”.

“Looking for the truth”




My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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