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There is no Northern Iraq ! There is only one KURDISTAN !

Of course for most of You the answer is clear.

In Poland it is not very understandable and I guess this problem exists in many other countries that people do not get the idea of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Maybe because they don’t know any Kurd personally and they don’t follow any information. If you ask a man here “what is Kurdistan”  it is very possible that you get two kinds of answer.

First one comes out from mouth of people who don’t know much about the Kurds and they just repeat what they once have heard and they have never tried to check if this is true. This answer can also come from mouths of people who are enemies for the Kurds. People who don’t want to hear about Kurdistan as a country and the Kurds as a nation. They will easily tell you „Kurdistan? Oh this is an Iraqi region. A part of Iraq. Just like Normandy for France”.

Don’t let them fool You with such ridiculous statement !

I will try to explain as simple as I can for all the people who heard a story about “Iraqi region” and didn’t try to get dipper into it.

You should not believe those words !

Map of Poland - Partitioned in 1795 for the third time
Map of Poland – Partitioned in 1795 for the third time

It is similar to situation of Poland in XVII century. Poland was also shared between 3 countries: Russia, Germany and Austria. In those times 3 enemies easily called Poland as a region or a part of Germany for example.

But it was not truth. Poland was a separate country. A separate nation. It was not Germany, Austria or  Russia.

It was a conquered Poland.

There is also one more thing that is very hard to explain to people:

The Kurds are not the Turks, the Arabs or the Persians !

They are THE KURDS !

Masud Barzani and Jalal Talabani – President of Iraq

This is how You should see the Kurdistan’s situation. This is the second answer: it is a separate country conquered long time ago by other countries and shared between them.

If we speak about a region we can point out Normandy. In Normandy live French people not „Normandians”. They speak French and have a French government and law. This is the region of France.

Kurdistan is not a region of Iraq.

Masud Barzani – President of Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan was on these lands much more before the country Iraq existed. 

The Kurds live there. They speak Kurdish and have a Kurdish government.

They have nothing in common with Iraq. People gonna tell You that Kurdistan is Iraq just because they want Kurds to forget about their nationality. Why? Because they get benefits from Kurdish soil, for example Iraq earns a lot of Kurdish oil.

83% of Kurdish oil money go to Iraqi government. And what’s more, Iraqi The government has reduced size of social assistance for Kurdistan, even though the Kurds pay taxes to Iraq. This is ridiculous especially that the money should support Peshmerga and government employees.

The northern part of Iraq is called Iraqi Kurdistan Region. It is the only one part of Kurdistan where the Kurds, after long fights against Saddam Hussein, got their own autonomy. Thanks to Kurdistan Workers Party PKK, the Kurds have created kind of home for themselves.

Iraqi Kurdistan was totally destroyed because of Saddam’s chemical weapons. But for the Kurds the most important is that they finally have a little bit of their own land. Slowly, the Kurdistan Workers Party and Peshmerga, Kurdish army, bring peace and calm times to Iraqi Kurdistan and rebuild it with one of the fastest growing economy.

citadel erbil hawler
Citadel Hawler

Believe me or not but right now You can find luxury villages in Kurdistan and the city of Hawler (Erbil) is one of the most beautiful, highly developed cities.



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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