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Peshmerga Honor & Dignity !

These words will be a little bit more personal than other posts.
I would like to share my feelings of what surrounds me.

Last evening I have met my friends in one of restaurants in beautiful city Sopot. After a nice dinner we went for a walk, down to the Sopot’s pier. Sea in the winter time is so lovely.

Over there, we saw a group of “typical” polish boys. The ones that everybody call “no neck” men.
Suddenly, one of them started to assault a completely unknown man. As our Polish “hooligans” always do, he started to scream at him, asking all the time “What are you looking at? Stop looking at me!”. He definitely wanted to provoke a fight just because he had nothing more interesting to do.

You can all say that I am too sensitive but I am always touched by this kind of acting and I never agree for such a situation. All inside of me protests with all its power.

My the only thought in that time was that I would wish so much that our “no neck” men could once meet PESHMERGA on their way! Kurdish Peshmerga would teach them about fighting ! About loosing life ! About saying goodbye to your beloved ones ! About dignity and honor !

How I wish they could meet PESHMERGA !

How I wish they could see the real war to never provoke any fight again for nothing…

How I wish they could meet PESHMERGA !



My heart belongs to Kurdistan and I want to spread the glory of the Kurds because I am very proud of them! BIJI KURDISTAN !

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